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            “Little Stories” is a series of moments in my life. Together they bring my story up to date. 

            These songs represent moments in my life I remember so vividly!

            Many people write poems, paint pictures or even get tattoos to commemorate strong events in their lives.  For me, I choose to write songs.

              “Two Different People” is a song twenty years old.  “The Price” was written in the middle of the recording session to add a chapter in the story.

            The album is a play with eight acts.  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have!


   Ray Wilinski, 55, spent 16 years working as a musician in California and Colorado beginning in 1970 after leaving college at the University of Illinois, where he majored in music. "I went out there to become a rock star, but that didn't happen, but I met a lot of people out there who really helped me with my playing and my knowledge of music."

     Ray started out playing trumpet during junior high, just like his father who played with an orchestra, but he switched over to bass during college. He got into a rock band while in college, in part to earn some extra cash.

     He returned to Rockford fifteen years ago and played in a band called The Corvettes  for two years with his cousin Mike Novak. From there he played a summer with a band called Smuggler and then another group, Rick Rogers And The Resistors.

     This is his first solo release and Ray covers all the instruments used in this CD.