Robert Prezioso

Cold Shaft Day Labor Blues For The Taking I'll Take New York Jailbird Blues
Lone Star Boogie Provincial Mope Revenuer Shakedown Smokin Doobie Daddy Telivision Blues
You Drive Me Wild

I was born in the post war industrial Midwest. One of my first memories is of big trucks and factory noise.

At the age of four I was selling newspapers on the streets of downtown Rockford, Illinois. There were three editions then, The Rockford Morning Star, the Rockford Register and the Register Republic.

   I spent most of my teen years on the street and finally achieved a formal education in The Navy.

I left the Navy after doing a tour In Viet Nam and spent The Summer of Love in Haight Ashbury.

There were long lines at The “Fog Horn” on Haight Street. For a quarter you could get a newspaper filled with chips and vinegar and for a buck you’d get three large pieces of Cod and chips.

 My first inspirations for the guitar were Michael Bloomfield, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter. I learned to play when I was in the Navy and continuously have polished my chops throughout most of my adult life.

My first performance was in the late 1970's in Cazadaro, California. A New Orleans Duo, Ron and Sally Price asked me to join them on guitar. I had a great time and was well received.

 I then found myself back in Rockford, Illinois in the early 80’s and put my own group together called Bobby Sox and The Nomads. After The Nomads disbanded I hooked up with Donny and The Cruisers, a kind of 50’s Do Wop Elvis act, light on the Do and heavy on the Elvis. We toured the Midwest and Florida for about six years. During those years I had the pleasure to work with some exciting guitar players like Tim Roe and his brother Paul. In '89 Tim Roe asked me to join his group the Tim Roe Band. He was in need of a bass player and I figured it couldn’t be as hard as the guitar. It isn’t. We toured the Midwest for six months, and I have fond memories of that summer.
 In the early 90’s I joined the group T-Bone and the Night Crawlers. They went on to produce a CD called Live Bait, which had excellent reviews. Rolling Stone Magazine compared Scotty Anderson to the late great Elmore James. Late in '91 Michelle Gill, Steve Rose and I formed the power pop group Stix and Stonz. During the five years Stix and Stonz performed it seems that only three out of the twenty drummers really stand out in my mind, Dave Robinson, Pat O’Brien and especially Matt Finn. We toured through out the Midwest and Canada playing six nights a week while we were in Canada. Steve was the principal song writer in the band. He has an excellent talent for arrangements and is a very exciting guitar player.
  In late 2000 I started working on the songs for my first solo CD. In 2001, I went into the studio to record and delivered six songs.
In 2002 I signed two record contracts with Amerecord Records of Hollywood, California for two songs off the “Rev It Up” CD, “Jailbird Blues“ and "Lone Star Boogie". In 2003 Amerecord Records released a compilation CD called “Star Route USA,” which contained the songs I wrote. During that time I started writing new songs for my second self-titled CD. In January of 2004, I received two nominations for the 4 star awards for “Jailbird Blues,” and “Lone Star Boogie.” The 4 star award celebrations are held every March by the record company. They select winners by judging songwriting talent and artistry.  In March of 2004, Celebrations Records informed me that I had won a 4 star award for the song “Lone Star Boogie.”  I was very surprised and pleased by this chain of events. It now hangs on the wall of the “Broken Frog Studio” where I recorded my first CD.

In April of 2004, I started recording my second CD, "Dedicated To My Mother Francis"

By the end of May, the album was completed. There are five new songs on it.

At this time, I would like to thank the musicians and producers for making this album possible:

James Momaly, Owner/Broken Frog Studio

E.J. Pagel, keyboards, vocals, and producer

Ray Adam Stryker, Bass Guitar

Scotty Anderson, Slide Guitar

Rick Adcock, Drums

Mike Stromberg, Mix

Thank You, I hope you enjoy these songs!