Final Judgement

The Artist: J Grim
James Hendron {AKA} J Grim
J Grim started with his boy Rusty Blades, in 1997 as Suiside.
It was jus the two them trying to get featured on some other
artists CD, before they put out their own.
They had a chance to go to California to do a track with Reaktion,
which at the time was know as The Gravestone R, but with limited
funds you can't travel so that was out of the picture.
They then met Sycksyde and had a chance to do a track with them
but with limited funds, didn't get to Bowling Green IL.
Then they met Freelance and had a chance to join with
the Bloodhoundz Ice and Spyder and crew, but none
of them could freestyle at the time so we didn't.
Then they lost Bladez to a fat bitch in a purple thong
so they picked up their other friend Crimson Killa {aka} Shane.
They went to the studio once with him but he couldn't go
any more because he had church and was fighting with
Freelance all the time.
They kicked him out and he wasn't mad, but his fat girl
didn't want him to hang with J grim and Freelance,
so they lost his friendship too.
Then J grim had one day to rewrite five songs.
Let me tell you if you like acid rap it sounds pretty
damn good for it being their first CD